Private Yoga Classes

A basic 60 minute session includes:

  • 5-10 minutes of warm up stretches and basic breathing exercises
  • 10-25 minutes of strengthening postures for building and toning muscle groups
  • 10-15 minutes of stretching postures to lengthen muscles and release tension
  • 5-10 minutes of calming and twisting postures to calm the mind and detoxify the body
  • 5- 10 minutes of final relaxation

Depending on your goals, classes may also include:

  • Postures aimed at rehabilitating specific injuries
  • Deep stretching for preventing injuries
  • Cross training exercises for athletes and skiers
  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Guided meditation or breathing exercises

Space and Equipment Required:

Virtually any space in your home or office can work for a yoga class.
Requirements include ample space for you and your mat and access to an outlet.
If you do not have an appropriate space, I can rent a studio for a small fee.                                       
I provide music and props – all you need is a yoga mat.

Beginner Series

An ideal introduction to yoga, perfect for people looking to start group or private classes.  Includes three 60 minute introductory private sessions geared toward teaching you the basics of yoga.  You’ll also receive a 30 minute Thai Massage at your second session and 30 minutes of Reiki during your third session!

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